About the Catalog raisonné:

The work of Leopold Ganzer has begun to be compiled and classified in recent years, which has been carried out entirely by his widow, Annemarie Ganzer, and their son, Lovis Ganzer.

This catalogue of the artist's work is being made public on the Internet in order to give an overview of his achievements, to foster exchanges between interested friends and collectors of his work, and to create a platform where any questions can be answered and relevant information made available.

At the present time, all available paintings, drawings, graphics and prints continue to be catalogued and photographed. The works are classified according to a unified numbering system, which will ensure standardised entries for the benefit of further interest and research, including enquiries regarding provenance. The record concerning Ganzer's oil and acrylic paintings has already been completed. Any information concerning missing pieces of art, which may be in private hands, will always be welcomed, and be treated in the strictest confidence.

Since the work is being done without external help, it will be some time before completion is fully realised. And while this catalogue gives a first insight into the true breadth of the artist's spectrum, it can, ultimately, only aspire to reflect a fraction of Ganzer's complete oeuvre.