born in Innichen, South Tyrol (today: San Candido, Italy), youngest of eight children
1933 in november move to Lienz, East Tyrol
1943/44 student of sculpture at the school of applied arts in Innsbruck, sculpture class of Prof. Pontiller; studies broken off due to the Second World War
1949 first artistic activities and self-studies of art history
1950/52 move to Brugg and Aarau, Switzerland; jobs supplied financial basis for later art studies; first contacts with contemporary art
1952/58 student at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, master class for painting of Prof. Robin Chr. Andersen
1954/58 work at the master class
1958 graduation and national award (for the best graduate of the year of the Academy of Fine Arts); return to Lienz after futile attempts to find a studio in Vienna
1958/62 art production on a farm in Thal near Lienz
1961 marriage with Annemarie Zsak, art teacher, and move to Lienz
1963 birth of a son
1963/70 study of the development of a child's imaginary world as it is expressed in his/her pictures according to his/her natural influences; intensified occupation with the problems of teaching art; commitment to finding a location for exhibiting art in Lienz
1964 co-founder of the City Art Gallery, Lienz; in charge of the artistic management
1966 art studies in Paris
1970 reform proposal concerning the training of art teachers for the Federal Ministry of Education
1970/71 in winter term guest professor at Mannheim Art School; occupation with graphic arts
1971 move to Vienna; intensive continuation of graphic arts with Prof. Herbert at the Academy of Applied Arts Vienna
1972 purchase of a studio
1973 elected into the board of BVÖ, the federal association of Austrian artists; participation at the sculptors' symposium in Krastal, Carinthia
1974/87 freelance artist and art teacher (school of applied arts, Herbststraße, Vienna)
1977 president of BVÖ the federal association of Austrian artists on the board of DACS (Design and Artists' Copyright Society), later president of DACS and vice president of the union of Austrian artists ('Künstlerunion', which represents all Austrian artists)
1981 renovation of the studio
1980/83 studies on alpine pastures in Iseltal, East Tyrol - beginning of the series “rocks and mountains”
1985 after a long, serious illness resignation from all public offices
1986 retirement from teaching
1989 purchase of a garden on Schafberg, Vienna; consequently end of the series "rocks and mountains"; development of a new concept of nature;
2000 development of new ideas and resumption of the subjects already dealt with in Thal in a new light
2008 sudden death on august, 18th